eLearning Management & Skills

As an experienced eLearning solutions provider, Solve IT has the right combination of skills, knowledge and expertise to develop industry-leading solutions. This can help your company meet the training needs

of your employees so that they can adapt to a fast-changing competitive environment.

Our learning management system (LMS) ‘iLearn’ also has collaboration capabilities, elearning content integration, robust curriculum management facilities, and effective reporting features.

iLearn has been designed and developed to help your company manage your learning activities effectively. Whether it is for an on job training (OJT) assignment, classroom training or e-learning activity, the system is able to seamlessly manage and track, with clarity, training activities for everyone within the organization.

  • Simple workflow to allow the administrator to define the process flow
  • Well-designed workflow to cater for decision making
  • Well-defined reporting features
  • Easy integration with external systems and standard content formats such as SCORM and AICC
  • Availability of learner collaboration tools such as forms, blogs and communications systems
  • User security and administration is inbuilt within the system for ease of operations

The system can be integrated with any qualified payment gateway to enable online payments.

Our solutiion provides a framework for components, modules, interfaces and rules to be configured and customized to the specific needs of the learning organization.

  • All learning and training activities are managed and integrated
  • Provides learners access to all the e-learning content from any location
  • Manage the hierarchy of user access rights
  • Manage registration and enrolment of courses
  • The software is learner centric which makes it easy to access, share knowledge amongst peers and facilitates online mentoring
  • Highly administrator friendly with well-defined user management with defined parameters for selected courses, and easy maintenance of courses, classes & training records
  • An integrated platform for learning, administration and training

Our LMS forms a very integral part of ERPN solution as it helps clients manage employees’ training & development activities and supports the exchange of information between e-learning courses and the platform through standards based content.

If you are looking for a cost-effective LMS to suit your specific business needs, we can design and customize a Learning Management System for you. We can also provide a hosting solution for the courses which you have already developed.

Our methods and techniques offer your company with an eLearning solution that helps you focus on the bottom line.

Our team of LMS experts can design, develop, troubleshoot and provide technical support for any eLearning solution. Let us:

  • customize or design a LMS to suit your business requirements
  • Train your staff to manage and maintain the LMS
  • Assist your team in troubleshooting errors and generating relevant reports
  • Provide technical support to both administrators and learners

Contact us, to know more about our LMS solution offerings.

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