Financial Management

One of the world’s top financial companies uses our systems. As the competition in the financial markets becomes more cut-throat, companies can no longer maintain the status quo.

Businesses need to upgrade to financial systems to operate efficiently, create savings and optimise their productivity, ensuring product differentiation and mitigation of risk.

Manual processes for tasks such as auditing, budgeting, bookkeeping, taxation and insurance are often time consuming and tedious and error prone.

Informed business executives prefer to utilize the power of technology to automate data, streamline their financial systems and provide advanced capabilities to their clients. Financial tasks that would otherwise take hours of work can now be done with a simple click of a mouse using financial applications.

These applications contain tools for analysing and sharing financial data in well-structured formats. Solve IT’ financial software provides you with real-time technologies for auditing, budgeting, financial statements, corporate secretarial records, and insurance brokerage.

Our financial system gives you the capability you require to adopt a fresh approach to solving your business problems, streamline your financial processes as well as increasing customer satisfaction.

Our Financial Auditing Solutions

A secure system that manages and tightly controls your client information and auditing process documents.

Our budgeting financial software allows you to analyse your account balance and determine both short-term and long-term budgeting goals. You can also monitor past overspending, current position, and future goals.

The complete package for the practicing chartered accountant, solicitor or company secretary. It is a one stop solution for maintaining all company records and meets the standards required by Singapore. It includes statutory registers, minute books, forms and secretarial records.

A browser-based corporate tax portal that meets Singapore tax requirements from YA2009 onwards. The portal is updated by incorporating annual budget announcements and new tax guides releases from the IRAS.

System supports following key features:

  1. Sequence of offsetting to derive chargeable income
  2. Supporting schedules – generic and specific templates
  3. Comprehensive fixed assets and capital allowances tracking
  4. Allows import of client’s fixed listing
  5. Tax computation output in Excel spread sheet
  6. Automatic indexing and cross referencing on tax computation
  7. Carried forward of CA, losses and donations
  8. Group relief

The Financial Statement System (FSS) is an application that allows users to prepare Financial Statements for companies. Using a train balance as its input and with the help of a backend accounting engine, the application processes and generates a comprehensive income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement & equity statement.

The system administrator can prepare & store multiple templates with versioning to manage the financial statement descriptions for each section. Another key feature is a configurable workflow engine enabling the review and approval of prepared statements. Once a final approval has been given the application generates a mail-merged covering letter and the unaudited financial statements (PDF & MS-WORD). The system has an engine that generates XBRL, making it compliant with International Accounting standards.

Our insurance brokerage software can be customized and personalised to meet all of the requirements of your customers’ insurance portfolios. The system gives you full front and back-end functionality to meet the administrative needs of an entire financial brokerage house operation.

Solve IT can develop financial system applications that save you valuable man hours and costs. We give you complete control over all critical business information and your client data. With this information at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions and spend more time in building the success of your business.

Contact us, to get more information on our financial auditing solutions.

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