Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application Development

The biggest trend of the decade is Mobile. We can help you take advantage of it. The latest innovations in mobile technology and the proliferation of mobile devices present many business opportunities.

Apple, Android, and Windows Mobile all have inbuilt applications that allow them to function as an extension of notebooks and personal computers.

These mobile devices are more than just tools to remain connected with employees, clients and stakeholders.

Mobile apps can provide a competitive advantage if properly designed.  You can conduct your business activities and make business-critical decisions on the go, using them. Other types of mobile applications can be developed to integrate with smart phones, giving even greater usability and functionality.

Studies have predicted that the number of mobile users will witness a dramatic rise in the near future. Mobile internet usage is rapidly growing and desktop internet usage is already substantially declining and this trend will continue.  This provides a great opportunity to create new mobile apps and to adapt existing web applications to mobile. The mobile application development market is predicted to reach $100 billion in 2015, backed by the rise in demand for mobile devices and functionality.

There are two main types of apps, both of which Solve IT develops for clients.  The best known are downloadable apps but increasingly these are being superseded by mobile browser apps.  The advantage of a mobile browser app is that it is accessed via the web and not installed on a mobile device; neither is app data installed on the device. It is the increasing power of web browsers that make this possible.

Mobile Apps gives you speed and flexibility
Mobile applications give end-users additional value and flexibility. Examples include:  accessing email, arranging tasks, pinpointing a users’ location, analysing, monitoring, calculating, and sharing business data while on the move.  Employees are always connected and business decisions can be made quicker.

Solve IT are mobile app experts. We have the right combination of functional and technical expertise, skills and knowledge, to develop mobile applications for a full range of handset devices such as Apple, Android, and Windows Mobile. Our team will ensure that your mobile application development requirement is carried out to the full specification, within the required time frame and within budget.

Apps  we develop can either be fully functional business applications such as those for commerce, or extensions to web apps; websites, marketing sites, feedback and enquiry, location based apps, and many types of games.

  • Apple mobile application development
    Mobile Application DevelopmentWe develop mobile applications for iPhones using IOS Native codes i.e. apps are installable on iPhone and all versions of iPad and (depending on their functionality) they can also be available offline.

  • Android mobile application development
    Android platform is a framework developed by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. The platform makes it possible to develop highly intuitive and dynamic third party applications. These apps can be installed on any handset which runs on Android OS, irrespective of their make.

  • Windows Mobile application development
    These applications are developed using the Windows Mobile Framework. Windows mobile applications allow users to perform additional functions such as instant messaging, order entry. They give additional control of your business, files and data. Traditionally many business applications runs on Windows embedded handheld devices. These are now being upgraded to latest Windows Mobile OS and devices which make them more efficient.

App advice:

We can help you select the best platform to suit your business needs.

Solve IT can help you capitalise on the latest mobile application development technology and launch mobile applications that beat the competition. We are a leading, end-to-end, mobile application development company that focuses on your unique business needs.

Contact us, today to learn more on our mobile application service.

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