Digital and Social Strategy

A Digital Strategy is the bedrock on which a company’s entire online activities should be grounded. Our digital strategists have an international reputation and work with you to develop an

overarching blueprint for your company to move forward in the digital world. We ensure that your strategy matches your business expectations and that all future developments relate to this plan of action.

Developing anything digital or online in a piecemeal fashion is a recipe for disaster, but matching your objectives with the expectations of your customers and prospects will ensure that you sidestep these business pitfalls.

The digital strategy we develop with you encompasses:

  • Aligning your business strategies and digital strategies to gain maximum benefit
  • Assessing the current digital environment and trends in which you operate, or plan to operate in
  • Assessing and recommending the investment and resource you will need to deliver this strategy. What are the best choices to get maximum Return On Investment (ROI)?
  • Working with you to create customer and prospect persona profiles that will focus future strategic developments to your best advantage. Do you really know them at the moment? Their online habits? Their likes and dislikes? What they say about your industry?
  • Identifying opportunities for your business in today’s digital world. Let’s project to the near future – what trends look the most promising for you? What happening in the geo-demographic markets you are targeting?

A digital strategy is not simply the company web site, it should embrace everything that you do and deliver digitally, both front end and backend. From ecommerce to email, social media to mobile, supporting systems to personnel, spending time developing your digital strategy will save you money, keep you on track and ahead of the game.

In an age where machines talks directly to machines online without human intervention, where your clothing becomes your digital device, have you thought through the implications and discovered the opportunities?  We can help you do so.

Leverage the power of the social media to engage with your customers and prospects

We live, work and play in a social media world in the 21st Century

Recent global trends confirm that the traditional World Wide Web as we knew it is becoming less relevant and social media more so

Developing strong social media channels is no longer seen as a luxury, it is a business imperative and a major part of your digital strategy

Social media is a direct engagement process with customers, clients and prospects.  It has radically changed the way that businesses engage, monitor and promote themselves

Your social media strategy needs to cover:

  • How to build your online reputation using social media
  • How to determine which of the many social media channels is the right match for your business
  • How to monitor and engage in a cost effective and positive manner with the people that count – your customers
  • Meaningful metrics that determine reputation reach and ultimately impact at point of sale.
  • Social media marketing – opportunities and pitfalls

The emergence of the next-generation mobile devices has it made it essential for businesses to evolve alongside these technologies. More and more businesses and consumers are adopting a new range of mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – devices that have changed the way we communicate and share information.

A recent Forrester report on mobility highlights the importance of integrating technology and social behavior stating that digital strategists “must now have a mobile-first mind set when designing workplace policies.”

The Web Synergies team has the skills, knowledge and expertise to help organizations leverage the full benefits of all digital media.

Our experience and expertise means that we understand your business needs and know how to apply the right technologies at the right time, for optimum results.

  • Digital strategy development
  • Social media strategy development
  • Online reputation monitoring
  • Mobile application development
  • Content management systems (CMS)
  • E-commerce
  • Blog integration and maintenance
  • Custom applications development
  • Search marketing
  • Social media management
  • Conversion rate Optimization
  • Online analytics – web and social media

Take the first step to a more effective online presence and a more engaging customer experience, with better business results.

Social media marketing Plans

Contact us, now to learn more about our digital and social strategy solutions.

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