Managed Hosting Solutions

Managed hosting lets you meet the demand for change with complete confidence. As your business grows you will be faced with the need to expand your hosting capabilities,

along with increased IT staff and the resources to support them.

The only constant in technology is change.  You need to be prepared for these rapid changes in infrastructure so that you can to deliver the security, scalability and performance your business requires to stay ahead of the competition.

Many companies find that due to logistical, financial and other business constraints, they are unable to meet these change requirements. The solution lies in managed hosting services.

In a managed hosting environment the hosting service provider company is responsible for providing the infrastructure.

This includes the data centre, network, devices, operating system and providing a secure environment so that clients can host their data and business processes in complete confidence. Your own IT team still manages the applications and retains complete control over the infrastructure, applications and business processes.

Solve IT is a certified company that delivers industry-leading, multiple, managed hosting solutions.  We offer significant operational cost-savings, greater flexibility, higher scalability and as a result, a better return on investment.

We are able to offer a complete spectrum of managed hosting solutions, networks and IT resources so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best – growing your business.

  • Reduce the need for capital investment in infrastructure
  • Expand your hosting operation effortlessly
  • Upgrade the performance of your hosting infrastructure and web applications
  • Implement new IT capabilities
  • Retain complete control over your hosting environment
  • Eliminate the need for hiring, training and retaining further IT resources
  • Add new services as your business needs to develop and change
  • Cloud hosting
    Our cloud hosting solutions are designed for scalability and provide your business with the latest reliable and secure computing infrastructure as well as skilled IT resources to meet the fluctuating needs of your business. Our cloud hosting solutions include Platform-as-a-service and Infra-as-a-service.
  • Dedicated hosting services
    Our dedicated hosting solution is perfect for companies that require a dedicated server and advanced technology, backed up with unparalleled support, 100% network and infrastructure uptime, and proven experience.
  • Shared hosting services
    Our shared web hosting solutions are designed for anyone who does not have the technical knowledge about servers, databases or email, or the necessary tools to create and manage their websites.
  • Email hosting services
    Our highly secure, customisable and stable email hosting solutions give your business faster and more powerful communication tools, at a fraction of the cost you might normally pay.
  • Helpdesk and Support
    Our helpdesk and support solutions cover your server, workstation operating systems and other applications. All issues are rectified through telephone contact, remote access, or on-site visit.

Our managed hosting solutions are perfect for your business needs.

contact us, To know more about our solutions.

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